CR-X Ballade Sport Car Robot


This INCREDIBLE Italian piece of Art from the 80’s is still working and so far as I know 100% complete including instructions and original packing. 
It can be used as a RC with 4-AA batteries in de car itself and in the remote control (Left, Right and FWD, so NOT REVERSE !!! this function doesn’t exsist) works a 9V-battery. 

Besides that its one if the earliest (Februari 1983) TRANSFORMER-s….. which is almost perfect. There are unfortunately some of the car stickers a little bit loose and because of its oldness I didnot want to glue them. 

The dimensions of the car are approx. 16*8*6,5 cm (LxBxH) and its weight is about 250 grams. The box dimensions are 26*12,5*10,5 cm and from the remote controle approx. 6,5*8 cm (BxH) 

And as it is thát old, more then 34 years, I can and willnot give any garantees.I can sent by request a little movie from driving as a RC taken a view days ago, just sent me an email.